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Caisse Tea-Essiac Formula
(Essiac spelled backwards spells Caisse)

Everyone interested in herbal remedies has the right to learn the details about Rene Caisse and her disease fighting formula. The history of this formula dates back over 100 years through its use by Native Herbal Healers. Originally prepared by the Ojibwa Indians; the formula was reported to have been used in an effort to restore strength, harmony and overall well-being as part of their native tradition.

After receiving this formula from the Indians; for 55 years, and with a large measure of success, Nurse Caisse used the herbal tea to help thousands of people. It was Rene's formula and the astounding results she achieved with it that stimulated 55,000 people- her former patients and their families, their doctors and friends- to sign a petition in 1938 demanding that Rene Caisse be permitted to continue, without fear of prosecution, her work with the formula.

Rene Caisse diligently and closely protected the complete original formula by not revealing it to the many who sought it, including medical authorities and others in the scientific and business community. Before she would reveal it, she wanted official public recognition by governing bodies of the merits of the formula. She also insisted on a guarantee that the formula would continue to be available to people in need, and not disappear into a secluded laboratory tested on animals, which had happened to other non-toxic drug free remedies.

For many years it was difficult to obtain the formula. Now it is available through Health Care Practitioners, Health Food Stores and distributed throughout the world. The basic recipe calls for Burdock Root, Slippery Elm, Sheep Sorrel and Turkey Rhubarb.

These four herbs make up the formula that was used by Rene Caisse to treat thousands of cancer patients.
Burdock Root: The term, "the burdock factor" was coined by scientists at the Kawaski School of Medicine in Okayama, Japan. This -burdock- factor was found to be active against HIV (the aids virus). Burdock Root contains the essential oil inulin-a powerful immune modulator. It attaches to the surface of the white cells and makes them more efficiently. Burdock also contains
a substance that has significant anti-cancer effects on humans, it reduces cell mutations. Burdock Root has been used for centuries. It stimulates bile and helps liver function.
Other benefits are; as a first year root, it is a blood purifier and it reduces the pain and swelling from arthritis. The extract of the root contains inulin, which the body converts to insulin, making it helpful to diabetics. There are many other qualities, but perhaps more germane is its reputation for tumor regression, long used in macrobiotic diets.
Turkey Rhubarb: The rootstock is both a laxative and astringent, depending on the dose. It is effective for diarrhea and known to work in removing debris and for cleansing the bowels. In Chinese Medicine, it is used to treat fevers and has been used to treat chronic liver problems. Liver toxicity is often found in cancer patients. Turkey Rhubarb and Sheep Sorrel both contain certain chemicals (aloe, catechin, and rhein), which have anti-tumor properties.
Sheep Sorrel: Sorrel has been used to treat scurvy, strengthen the heart and cool the liver. The fresh leaves contain a number of acids, which makes them a delicacy in fresh salads. It is respected as a diuretic and a treatment for blood disorders, including assisting with skin problems. A decoction can be used internally or externally. Also Rene Caisse, in her fifty years of working with cancer patients, observed it to be very effective in breaking down tumors as well as alleviating degenerative diseases.
Slippery Elm: This plant is used to heal wounds and is known for its blanketing effect on for the mucous membranes of the digestive system. It is soothing for sore throats and coats the intestinal tract producing speculation that its role in the "formula" is to protect when toxins are released. Slippery Elm contains two other compounds (beta-sitosterol and a polysaccharide), which demonstrates anti-tumor activity.

As scientific investigation continues more and more natural medicines are gaining recognition as the remedies of choice. Each year more and more Americans are using alternative treatments to conventional, pharmaceutical medicine. Herbs, with their antiviral, antibacterial and antibiotic properties have been included in healing regimens for thousands of years because they strengthen the immune system instead of suppressing the disease along with the rest of the system, as with many modern drugs.

Why is it so difficult to find an herbal or alternative treatment when working with our own Medical Doctor? The explanation can be multiple, but at least one reason stands out. He or she simple has not learned about these options. Many feel the challenge is compounded by current laws and medical association conventions, which keep the medical profession within certain well defined, but somewhat limited, practices.

In the U.S. today health cost expenditures are greater than any other country, and yet, the U.S. ranks 16th in life expectancy. There are many alternatives to conventional drug and surgery treatments that have been used for hundreds even thousands of years, yet these alternatives are not recognized by the A.M.A.
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